Facebook Timeline Pages Forces Marketers to Evolve

by Katie Hillard on March 29, 2012

To add to the blog post posted last week in regards to Facebook Timeline for Business and all of the “need to knows” for the switch taking place this Friday, here is an article from AdvertisingAge on how these changes will be forcing marketers to evolve . AdAge states that “marketers will have no choice but to evolve from the static “tabs” mindset to a “Timeline” mindset based on continually fresh, engaging & authentic content.”  Advertisers will no longer be able to use Facebook tabs as their default landing page. These pages were often used as a way to promote different giveaways, coupons, & promotions, as well as to drive “likes” for the brand. Facebook will allow you to “pin” specific posts to the top of the page, but these pins will be unpinned after seven days. These changes make brands accountable for giving their fans continuous fresh content by making them take a greater role in their page and keeping their fans engaged through posting, monitoring and responding.

Through these changes, Facebook is hitting home that they are a place for people to connect and have conversations. “Businesses which are best at telling stories and creating emotional connection with fans get talked with and talked about the most,” says AdAge. This is a great opportunity for brands to start thinking about what makes them unique, find their voice, tell their story, and explore how they can appeal to their fans’ interests & passions, as well as provide engaging content that keeps their fans coming back to their page.

“Facebook is issuing a challenge to all marketers: be yourself, stay in touch, tell your stories in authentic and engaging ways.”

What are the biggest challenges you feel marketers will face making this change?


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